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5 things you can do to break free of your career

Break free of your career
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Here are a few tips that you might haven’t considered yet. From moving to another country to starting your own online business. If you don’t feel happy, its time to break free of your career!

1. Talk to your employer

Start a dialogue to with your HR manager. It might sound strange to tell your employer that you don’t like your job. But let’s be honest. Doing something you dislike for the rest of your life, doesn’t make much sense either. And your employer knows that happy cows give more milk. Try to work out a plan to see other departments, and if nothing works, at least got yourself moving.

2. Use your social network

Ask your friends and family about the pros and cons of there jobs. What do they like and what gives them fulfilment. If you hear something you like. See if you can arrange a day to shadow them, even if it is for a couple of hours. Taking action is one of the most important first steps to break free of your career.

3. Find your purpose abroad

Whether you decided to quit your job or taking a sabbatical. Travelling is a great way to discover your purpose and get out of your comfort zone. Depending on your age and where you from, you have different visa options. But a great way to reinvent yourself is through a working holiday visa. For most of these visa’s, there is an age limit up to 30 years. However, If you’re within this group, this visa provides you with the opportunity to try all kinds of jobs.

Living abroad travelling

4. Find a job coach

These days there are so many jobs out there. Some of which you might have never heard before and many of which you don’t need a fancy degree. Often you can learn through online courses and training on the job.

How can a job coach help you?

  • Pinpointing your strengths;
  • Knowledge about current trends in the job market;
  • Relevant network to find new opportunities;
  • Accountability for taking action;
  • Stimulants for personal development.

5. Start an online business as an affiliate marketer

You might not be passionate about the career you want to break free from. But we all are passionate about something. Whether it is baking, sportscars or photography, if you’re knowledgeable about it, you can add value for others. And as an affiliate marketer, you’ll simply earn money by engaging with others about your passions.

The way it works is simple. First, you create an online authority, and there are many easy to use platforms to help you out with that. Then you add value to peoples lives, just by sharing content about the things you’re an expert on. In this digital age, many companies work with affiliates. You refer people to there products and services, and if they become buyers, you’ll receive a commission.

There are many success stories out there of people who escaped the rat race. They now live a life of independence and purpose.

If you would like to learn more about online marketing. This link will offer you en free on-demand course which will teach you the basics to get started.

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