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5 Mistakes Keeping Smart Employees Trapped in the Rat Race

Escape the rat race
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Trapped in the Rat Race? Do you make any of these mistakes when you want more financial and time freedom?

They’re common. Sadly I’ve made every single one of these mistakes when I was still working my 9 to 5 job.

1. Waiting for times to change

Do you recognise this feeling? Procrastinating and not improving your day-to-day situation. And why? Because of whatever circumstances, either you or the company you work for are finding themselves in.

Don’t wait for the perfect day to come. Be the Captain of your own life! Ask for that pay raise, a day working from home and start a side-hustle to create more financial freedom. Otherwise, you will waste years waiting for a day that might never come.

2. Fear the unknown

Are you comfortable, or are you bored?
Stepping into a new chapter can cause fear and doubt. But the biggest concern most people have is looking back and blaming themselves for never trying.
And how often has an unknown fear turned out to be nothing but exciting and pleasant once you confronted it?

3. Scared of social pressure

The time-spirit we live in demands success—bigger houses – shinier cars and more exotic holidays etc.

Society is telling us to go to school, study hard, start a career, work hard. And if you deviate from the plan, people instantly start asking questions. You might even become an outcast.

Four years ago, I quit my corporate job, age 28. I travelled the world working all sorts of trades. Right now, I might not own my own house or drive a Tesla, like some of my peers.
But every single one of them is envious of my experience. I’m no longer trapped in the Rat Race!

Be different, and people will admire your choices!

4. Thinking Rome was build in one day

If you want your world to look different, you don’t have to fix that overnight.
Start small, but start now. Consistently allocating 2 to 4 hours every week to invest in your online business can bring great result over time. And you don’t even have to quit your job. Once enough money starts rolling in to replace a part of your income. You can always choose to work parttime and start scaling your business. Escape the rat race, day-by-day, consistency is key!

5. Is your lack of Skill diversity keeping you trapped in the Rat Race?

For years you’ve achieved outstanding results for your boss. But you’ve outgrown your role. Yet, why would someone else hire you in a completely different field? Exactly my thoughts…
It wasn’t until my mentor Stuart Ross introduced me to the possibilities of an online business that I realised that up-skilling and working for myself was a real possibility.
He showed me how a simple online business model could get me started with no physical product or a unique business idea.
He even showed me in a step-by-step training on how to start an online business build entirely around my passions.

This training is one of many courses you immediately get access to just by trying out the all-in-package Mentors educational and business platform offers.


Right now one of my mentors, Stuart Ross, is doing Free Webinars on how to get started online. He talks specifically on the impact of Covid-19 on the online business landscape.

Free webinar trapped in the Rat Race

If you have ever considered changing course, THIS webinar is the best place to start!
It is crazy how much value they provide.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes

Curious on how it all works? check out my How-it-works page

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