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6 tips for a non-native blogger

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As a non-native blogger myself I know how challenging it is to write in a foreign language. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

Good to keep in mind is that English is the universal language of the internet and used for most international studies and educational programs.

1. Write as you would speak

Writing a blog, you can use the same language as if you would be talking to someone. There is no need for complicated sentence structures; write as you are telling a story. For the right tone of intimacy, you could pretend that you are telling a story to a friend in a pub. Having that conversational tone will make it easier for you and much more pleasant for the reader.

2. Keep fancy words in your pocket

On average internet users read at a level of a 9th grader. This means the age between 12 and 14 years old. We are most comfortable reading two levels below our reading level. So like most mass-market novels, you should aim to write at a 7th-grade level. There are formulas and websites where you can test your readability score for free. But it comes down to two simple rules. Use short words and short sentences!
By increasing the readability, you increase the change of your readers making it to the end of your blog.

3. Use available tools, they’ll make your life easier!

The tools available these days can do much more than just checking the spelling of your content. They can identify mistakes in grammar and tell you if your sentences were not constructed well.

My favourite tool for this is Grammarly. It’s a free tool that comes as an add-on in Chrome or Firefox.

Pro’s why I choose Grammarly:

  • Easy to understand feedback so you can learn from your mistakes
  • You can choose different writing styles
  • Highly accurate real-time grammar and spelling corrections
  • Integrates with social media platforms and other web-based programs
  • Plagiarism and proofreading features
  • Very user-friendly interface

Using Grammarly has massively impacted my skills of writing as a non-native blogger. It has given me the confidence to write and publish my content quicker than ever before.

4. Emerge yourself in the language

To get better you need to read and listen to as much as you can. Ans most importantly, be consistent about it. By reading and listening you’ll get familiar with the English rhythms and speech patterns. It can be as simple as binge-watching a Netflix series. Although you will probably gain more result by reading through well-written blogs and literature.

5. Practice, practice practice

The best way to improve is to start writing. There is research that tells us that writing as much as 750 words a day will do wonders for your language skills. It is essential to be consistent. To be more effective, you can apply a few principles. First, keep track of your mistakes. Write them down in a separate document, this will help you quickly eliminate a few of your most commonly made mistakes. Secondly, ask for feedback. This will not only enhance your writing but help you develop your style and voice.

If you are unsure what to write about, here are a few subjects that you might find inspiring. Keep a Gratitude journal, for greater writing skills and greater happiness. You can keep a diary, or write about your surrounding. Write down stories you were told as a child or make up your own.

6. In the end, it’s all about value

If the content you’re sharing is relevant. People will read it. Even if your vocabulary and your spelling aren’t perfect. If you can be unique and relevant in your market space, people will forgive your mistakes. But in order to gain the right authority, you should always try to be as flawless as you can. By using these tips I hope you will be making a step in the right direction.

If you are a non-native blogger yourself and you would like to share your tips, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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