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Frequent Asked Questions About SFM

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Most frequent asked questions about SFM and answers

The Borderless Lifestyle is one of the online businesses SFM has helped me set-up. I started from scrats, probably just like you and SFM’s digital marketing academy taught me how to market online. I’m a member which means I can engage in their community. This community is one of their most substantial assets, and it is super beneficial if you have questions or want to exchange thoughts or test ideas. Besides a member, I’m also an accredited affiliate. Being an affiliate for the SFM has provided me with an outstanding product which I can use to market online. Because it has taught me so well, I’m happy to recommend what I believe is one of the top digital marketing academies of today’s time.

Yes. The course will introduce you to different proven business models. You don’t need a bright new Idea. The most important thing is to get inline with your values. The step by step method of the starting models will help you with that. The whole idea behind the course is that it will enable you to build an online business around your passions.

As I struggled with the same question, let me give you my advice on the matter. First of all, it is all depending on your expectations goals. Are you just trying to make a little extra income or do you want to make a monumental shift to a lifestyle where you can dictate your own time? Secondly, how urgently do you want to make change happen?

The great thing about this education is that you can choose how fast you want to go. My experience is that students who go through the introductory module usually gain so much momentum that they don’t want to stop.

In most cases, people will start their online business while they are still in there current jobs. Unless any exceptional circumstances, I would suggest that this is the preferred way to do so. While you are starting with building the right foundations for your online business, you are still secured with a save income. Once your online income streams have grown to a substantial number, you can always quit your job and keep on scaling your online business.

I believe that I’m living proof that you don’t have to be a native speaker, cause I’m from The Netherlands. These days there are so many tools that can help your spelling and grammar. The best tool out there is Grammerly. It will not just help you with spelling and grammar, but it is so smart that it can help you find the right tone of voice for your texts. And you can install it for free as a Chrome add-on.

But even more important. It is not about how you bring your message, but about the content en most of all if it is genuine and adding value for the people who are receiving it.

To be able to enrol with SFM, you have to be 18 years or older.

As you’ll find out for yourself once you get started, the founders of the SFM are incredibly passionate about there business. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are both very successful online entrepreneurs. They decided to join forces en start an online academy the SFM. After nearly a decade they now have members in 140 countries all around the globe.

Through SFM you’ll get to personal business consultant, accountability coach, live chat support and a digital business lounge with technical support. But that’s just the start. There are interactive webinars with hot seats you can apply for, so you get access to the best digital experts out there. And most importantly, you became part of a very engaging community of like-minded people. Everyone is open to share ideas, tips & tricks and can ask for feedback at any time.

I then you got me. As I went through the same process you are bound to go through, I’m more than happy to help out whenever I can. Together we will help you find your way in the digital landscape en get you all the shortcuts to success!

You will get access to an all-in-one platform which holds all the tool you need to get started. Step-by-Step training in which you will be guided to start building your business. After you finished the get started Modules, you’ll have your own website up and running. SFM provides you with an instant, ready-to-go sales funnel so you can start selling online almost instantly. With literally over thousands of training programs and weekly live webinars, you have everything in one place to become the next best digital expert.

Yes, you’ll be applying everything you learn instantly. The Get started Modules are designed as an actual walk-through-guide from claiming your domain, to setting up your first campaign. After you have finished your Get Started Modules, you have access to thousands of virtual courses with Linkedin Learning and the SFM video training library.

There is no set time in which you have to complete the course. As a matter of fact, as a digital entrepreneur, you are never finished learning. It is better to look at this as an ongoing journey rather than a “course”.
The process of learning a new skill-set will also involve learning a new mindset, which obviously can’t be completed at any specific time.

However, there are the get-started-modules which are the foundations of your knowledge and business. Most people finish them within the first month up to 6 months after they get started. With daily live webinars and a to the rim filled video training library and access to thousands of virtual courses through Linkedin Learning, you keep developing yourself

The digital expert’s academy of SFM will teach you how you can market anything online. By then, you’ll have a clear view of the digital landscape and the numerous possibilities. Which direction you will go is entirely up to you. If you’re satisfied with the education you’ve received, you can choose to stay with SFM and sell their products as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you can keep adding more products and services to your portfolio. Once they are set-up, they will hardly cost any more work so you can scale your operation without it taking up more of your time.
You can also choose to create or import your own products to sell them online. Building an e-commerce business can be a valuable online asset.

Even if you don’t wish to become an online entrepreneur, this new skill will make you future-proof. With a growing demand for digital experts, you’ll have no worries in finding a job.

No worries, since we only want people who are genuinely driven and determent to make a change, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. Simply write SFM an email to support@thesfm.com, and you’ll get a full refund back immediately. You may also terminate your account at any time with one month’s notice, there are no obligations between you and the SFM & DEA.

Let me also be very clear about the fact that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Just like any starting business, it will take time and hard work to get going. And like any other new skillset, there is a different result for each person. Not much different from learning how to fix cars or becoming a professional photographer.

Mostly it will be determent on how committed and focused you are. But if you choose never to give up, there can only be one outcome, and that is being successful.

Commission payments are simply made once per month via bank transfer or Paypal.

No. Pyramid schemes have a structure wherein no way value is added. That is why pyramid schemes are also illigal. Because of the lack of value, they are unable to go on for a long time and collapse after a short amount of time.

SFM is first en most formal an educational platform. They provided many different business models you can get started with. Being an affiliate specifically for SFM is only a single niche you could specialise in. Altogether, the SFM has educated thousands of online marketing over the last decade and has been an important landmark in the digital landscape.

Any unanswered questions about SFM...

If these Frequent Asked Questions About SFM didn’t take away your doubt, contact me. I’ve been through the same mental process that you are in right now. And believe me. A little bit of scepticism isn’t your enemy. 


But if you want your life to change. Achieve goals that haven’t come an inch closer in years, than you have to change what you are doing. 


Just take a little leap of faith and contact me personally. I would love to hear your story. 

Frequent Asked Questions About SFM

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  • Free online 4-day Workshop
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Today is the day you're getting started

I hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Here’s my Privacy policy