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Why start an online business while travelling?

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Why start an online business while travelling? It’s safe to say there are obvious reasons why not too. But there are also a few good reasons why these two mix and match quite well. If you want to know why I did it, here is my story.

After nearly three years of travelling, I decided to spend most of the travel budget that I build up working in Australia on starting my online business. The main goal: to create a lifestyle where I can be location independent, let’s call it a “laptop lifestyle”,

To understand why I made this decision, It’s important to know where I came from.

Why I started traveling in the first place

About three years ago I quit my account manager job in the Netherlands, said goodbye to my friends and family and left for New Zealand. Although travelling had always been on my bucket list, It was the push factors that really had set me in motion. I knew I had a certain potential, but as you maybe recognise, I also knew I wasn’t living up to it. Even worse, I had no clue what this potential of mine was or how to tap into it.

What I didn’t like about my Job

  • Having to do things you know aren’t effective
  • limited holiday leave
  • Sales, I hated sales. cold calling, networking meeting, etc.
  • Hierarchy, climbing the corporate latter and being depended on other people in order to progress;
  • Stress from targets I wasn’t aligned with
  • Most important. I wasn’t passionate about my job.

And what I didn’t like about my old life

  • My social network was great, but had been pretty static for years;
  • Stuck in so many routines and habits. Most of which weren’t giving me any fulfilment;
  • Not investing in myself and building on any kind of legacy;
  • Feeling Isolated from the world by being in one place whole of my life.

However, even with my job satisfaction at an ultimate low, I still managed to be successful and earn a decent commission based income. But I definitely wasn’t doing well in life. Being unhappy in my work had put cracks in my relationship. Which ended six months before I started travelling.

So now you know a little about why I started my journey. And I reckon you can understand why I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to that life.

Perfect environment for personal growth

While still being clueless about what to do with my life in the long run, my journey in New Zealand was certainly giving me more purpose in the present. I worked in a ski resort and later build my first campervan. Which I drove to a beach where I was surfing every day and just loving life.

The most important changes that come from travelling

  • Meeting like-minded people every day;
  • Living an outdoor lifestyle;
  • Picking up new skills;
  • Learning new values in life.

The consistent stream of change that my life had become, and being able to handle anything that life was throwing at me, had sparked my confidence. It even made me eager for more. So I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, trying new things and learning to trust my gut. Along with this came the craving of more self-development. I started reading different books and following different things online.

Over the course of three years, I had created a state of mind of self-awareness and had become much more aligned with my own value.

What to do when you run out of working holiday visa’s…?

With the end of my second and last year visa in Australia in sight, my awareness started shifting slowly toward the big question. What to do with my life when travelling stops…? Three years ago this would have stressed me out massively. Today not so much. I have learned how to create my own opportunities. If anything, the question “what to do next?” excites me.

The opportunity of a “laptop lifestyle”

So about a month ago, I was feeling excited, self-aware an ready for a new challenge. And also quite determined never to go back into a cubical. And that was the moment when I was introduced to the “laptop lifestyle”. Through a travel blogger, I was sent in the direction of a free on-demand course with the prospect of developing a location independent lifestyle.

Stuart Ross, the trainer/mentor and owner of the company that provided the course was able to spark my interest within minutes. Especially in the business model of affiliate marketing. Enabling me to make create income just by engaging with the things I’m passionate about. And… to do it from anywhere in the world.

And here is a good thing. At this stage, there was simply no reason for me not to try to start an online business while travelling…

Nothing to hold me back

I already said goodbye to my career three years ago. And my current career as a Barista was never meant as 10-year plan anyway. And most important there were no social expectations to hold me back.

So much to gain

  • Living a location independent lifestyle;
  • Earning without limitations;
  • Learning and building up digital skills which are only increasing in value over the next decades to come;
  • Being able to spend time with my friends and family, and one day see my own children actually grow up;
  • Focussing only on the matters that you’re truly passionate about;
  • Constant focus on personal growth;
  • Building a legacy and a platform to document your thoughts and expertise;
  • Working with a community of like-minded and inspiring people.

conclusion: Why I started an online business while travelling

So, Why did I start an online business while travelling? For me, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. It feels like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle finalizing my three-year journey. And now I’m ready for my next challenge. If you are curious about how I’m going to perform as a digital marketer, please sign up for my newsletter. I will document my journey and hopefully inspire many others to never take life for granted.

Are you curious what it was that inspired me? Sign up out the free on-demand video workshop!

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